Lake Bistineau September 10, 2009 Update


Our friends at DOTD alerted us last week that they will require an additional week to finish their work behind the spillway.  The structure is their responsibility, so we will wait patiently for this work to be completed and look forward to Wednesday, Sept. 16 to begin the drawdown.

Once the drawdown begins, our team will begin a new phase of investigating the issues that plague Lake Bistineau.  Most of you who use the lake are aware that there are back water areas that don’t dewater with a 7 foot drawdown.  Essentially, these areas are cut off from main channels and serve as nurseries for giant salvinia.  This situation is unacceptable if we are to gain control of the plant.  It will be vital for our team to evaluate these areas to understand what can be done.

The complexity of the terrain and sheer number of these areas will make reconnaissance difficult, especially in the upper reaches of the lake.  While much of this work will be performed by ground crews, some of the work will be coordinated with aerial surveys.  Large areas will receive the highest priority.

There is a still lot to be understood, and the answers seem to come in steps.  Obviously, getting the water down is a giant step.  

Mark McElroy
Fisheries Biologist