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Louisiana Safe Boating Week Set For May 19-25

Release Date: 05/17/2012

Louisiana is once again participating in the national "Safe Boating Week" that is scheduled for May 19-25 and signifies the beginning of the spring and summer boating season.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) will again be reminding all boaters to be safe, responsible and knowledgeable while on the water during this safe boating week.  Safe Boating Week is a time for all boaters to inspect their vessels to ensure that all required safety equipment is on board and that vessels are in good working condition.

LDWF Enforcement Division agents will be out in full force as always during the week to perform boating safety checks and driving or operating a vessel while intoxicated (DWI) patrols.  Each vessel should have enough personal flotation devices (PFD) on board for all occupants and a sober operator.

"Personal flotation devices are made to be worn and not sit in a vessel storage compartment.  Even if you consider yourself to be a strong swimmer, we (LDWF) still encourage everyone on a boat to wear a personal flotation device whenever the boat is in motion," said LDWF Boating Safety Officer Capt. Rachel Zechenelly.  “A personal flotation device on a boat should be treated the same as a seatbelt in a car, because they are both easy to use and are proven to save lives."

LDWF boating incident statistics indicate that 19 out of the 36 boating fatalities in 2011 were drownings that could have been prevented if the person was wearing a PFD.  LDWF regulations state that anyone 16 years of age and younger must wear a PFD while underway in vessels less than 26 foot long.  For more boating and PFD regulations, please visit

Agents issued 108 DWIs on the water last year to operators of vessels.  Alcohol consumption impairs a boater's judgment, balance, vision and reaction time.  Alcohol also increases fatigue and susceptibility to hypothermia.  Intensifying the effects of alcohol are sun, wind, noise, vibration and movement, which are all common to boating activities.

The penalties for DWI on the water are the same as on the road.  Anyone cited for a DWI on the water or on the road will lose his or her driver's license and boating privileges for the specified time ordered by the judge in the case.  Also, each offense of operating a vehicle or vessel while intoxicated counts toward the total number of DWI crimes whether they happened on the water or road.

In Louisiana a DWI can be issued to anyone operating a moving vessel or vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher.  First offense DWI on the water or on the road carries a $300 to $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.  Second offense DWI brings a $750 to $1,000 fine and between 30 days and six months in jail.  Third offense DWI carries a $5,000 fine and between one and five years in jail.  Again, every DWI offense is also subject to a suspension of driving a vehicle and operating a boat privileges.

"One of the best parts of our job is to see people utilize Louisiana's waterways for recreation in accordance to the boating safety regulations and return home safely to loved ones.  However, the worst part of our job is to search for deceased bodies and notify family members of their loss," said LDWF Lt. Col. Jeff Mayne, the State Boating Law Administrator.  "The two ways to make boating safe, fun and a memorable experience is to have a sober operator and to have everyone wear a personal flotation device when the vessel is underway."

LDWF also wants to remind anybody born after Jan. 1, 1984 that they are required to successfully complete a National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) boating education course to operate a motorboat over 10 horsepower.  LDWF offers these classes free of charge statewide.  For a list of courses, please visit

*Media - To schedule a boating safety ride along for a story, please contact Adam Einck at 225-765-2465 or


Louisiana Shrimpers Encouraged to Report Asian Tiger Prawn Catches

Release Date: 05/16/2012


May 16, 2012 – The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is aware of and constantly monitoring the appearance of an increased number of Asian tiger prawns, a non-native species, in Louisiana waters.  LDWF officials are asking local shrimp harvesters to report catches of tiger prawns to the Department. 

While there is little known at this time about the impacts of tiger prawns on indigenous Louisiana shrimp, these reports are key in helping LDWF biologists monitor the distribution and relative abundance of these prawns and in determining the possible presence of spawning populations. 

To report catches of Asian tiger prawns please contact Robert Bourgeois at or (225) 765-0765 or Marty Bourgeois at or (225) 765-2401 with the date, location and size of capture. Pictures are encouraged.  Tiger prawns are easily identifiable by their large size, dark body color and white banding found along the head and between segments of the tail.  LDWF officials ask that harvesters retain the tiger prawns by freezing and contact the biologist listed above.

History of incidence in Gulf of Mexico

It is unknown when and how tiger prawns were first introduced into the Gulf of Mexico.  In 1988, a portion of a population of reared tiger prawns escaped from a facility on the east coast.  Approximately 1,000 adults were later recaptured as far south as Cape Canaveral, Florida. In September 2006, a single adult male was captured by a commercial shrimp fisherman in Mississippi Sound near Dauphin Island, Alabama and reports from Alabama and Mississippi have been increasing ever since.

LDWF first documented the occurrence of Asian tiger prawns in Louisiana in August 2007, when a single specimen was taken by a commercial shrimp fisherman in Vermilion Bay.  Prior to the 2011 fall inshore shrimp season, reported captures in Louisiana waters numbered fewer than 25 with none taken any farther westward than Vermilion Bay.  However, since the fall season began, reported captures have dramatically increased with approximately 80 new reports received.  One fisherman alone reported catching as many as 13 individuals over a three-day shrimping trip in Lake Pontchartrain.  A Dulac shrimp dock has reported fishermen capturing in excess of 100 tiger prawns following the 2011 fall season opening.  Most recently, there have also been incident reports west of Vermilion Bay. 

About the species

Asian tiger prawns are native to the Indo-Pacific rim and are both harvested in the wild and extensively farmed in a number of countries.

Tiger prawns belong to the same family (Penaeidae) as our native brown, white and pink shrimp but are non-indigenous to our waters. The life history of tiger prawns is also similar to that of brown and white shrimp with spawning and mating occurring in nearshore oceanic waters. One notable difference in tiger prawns and Louisiana shrimp is size as the research suggests tiger prawns may reach a maximum length of 14 inches and weigh as much as 23 ounces.

At this time, there is no evidence that tiger prawns feed on native Louisiana shrimp.  Any potential impacts over competition for food and resources remain unknown.  Tiger prawns as well as our native brown and white shrimp adopt different diets as they grow and mature and may become more predatory as body size increases.

For press inquiries contact Laura Wooderson at or (504) 430-2623.

St. Amant Man Arrested for DWI Following Collision With LDWF Patrol Boat

Release Date: 05/15/2012

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division agents arrested a St. Amant man for allegedly driving or operating a personal watercraft while intoxicated (DWI) on May 11.

Agents arrested Gary Miller, 43, for third offense DWI, reckless operation of a vessel and operating a watercraft while under a driver’s license suspension.

According to witnesses, on May 6 at about 7:40 p.m. Miller was travelling downstream at a high rate of speed on the Amite River near French Settlement when he collided with an LDWF patrol vessel.

Miller required medical treatment and was released later that same night.  The LDWF agent, Sgt. Randy Lanoux, suffered no injuries.  Miller’s personal watercraft was badly damaged, while the patrol boat suffered minor damage.

On May 11, after LDWF agents received the results of Miller’s blood test that allegedly showed him over the legal alcohol limit, a warrant was obtained for his arrest.

Third offense DWI brings up to a $2,000 and one to five years in jail.  Reckless operation of a vessel carries up to a $200 fine and up to 90 days in jail.  Operating a watercraft while under suspension brings an additional one year suspension of his driving privileges.

Agents participating in the investigation were Lt. Will Roberts, Sgt. Todd Lewis, Sgt. Dennis Bueche, Senior Agent Clay Marquez and Senior Agent Hal Bridges.

For further information, contact Adam Einck at 225-765-2465 or

229 Boaters Certified During "Boating Education Lagniappe Day"

Release Date: 05/15/2012

229 Boaters Certified During "Boating Education Lagniappe Day"

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) certified 229 boaters statewide after their second "Boating Education Lagniappe Day" on May 12.

Boating Education Lagniappe Day ran from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at eight locations across the state and consisted of the National Association of Safe Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) boating education course, food and drinks, giveaways and door prizes all free of charge to the public.

"We are extremely pleased with the turnout as more than 200 boaters will now be safer when boating on Louisiana waterways," said LDWF Lt. Col. Jeff Mayne, the State's Boating Law Administrator.  "We wanted to make this day full of fun and still be educational at the same time and I feel we accomplished both goals."

The NASBLA safe boating certification is mandatory for anybody born after Jan. 1, 1984 who wants to operate a motorboat in excess of 10 horsepower.

The NASBLA approved course includes information on choosing a boat, classification, hulls, motors, legal requirements and equipment requirements.  The course also covers many navigation rules and charts, trailering, sailboats, canoeing, personal watercraft and more.  Each student received that completed the course was issued a vessel operators certification card.

Sponsors for each location provided a free lunch, door prizes and giveaways such as sports bags, cups, fishing line, water bottles and sunscreen.

Sponsors for the Boating Education Lagniappe Day are the Louisiana Wildlife Agents
Association, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Wal-Mart, Cabela's, Holiday Inn, St. Landry Lumber Company, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office, Austin’s Outdoor of Opelousas, Coca-Cola of Lake Charles, Songy's Sporting Goods of Houma, and Lake Charles Tackle.

For more information on boating regulations and safety, please visit  For more information on boating education courses, please visit

Studies have shown that states with a mandatory boating education program have fewer boating incidents that result in fatalities than states that have no boating education program.  States with a boating education program for more than 20 years had 3.67 fatalities per 100,000 registered boats, and states with no boating education program had 6.61 fatalities per 100,000 boats.

LDWF initiated the state's boating education program in 2003 and has certified over 48,000 boaters during that time.

Below is the list of the class locations from this past weekend:

Bossier City
Academy Sports and Outdoors
2801 Beene Blvd.
Bossier City, LA

West Monroe
Academy Sports and Outdoors
111 Constitution Dr.
West Monroe, LA 71292

Academy Sports and Outdoors
3205 S. MacArthur Dr.
Alexandria, LA 71301

St. Landry Lumber Company
207 North Railroad Ave.
Opelousas, LA 70570

Lake Charles
Lake Charles Civic Center
900 Lakeshore Dr.
Lake Charles, LA 70602

Larose Civic Center
307 East 5th St
Larose, LA 70373

2200 W. Cabela's Parkway
Gonzales, LA 70737

Academy Sports and Outdoors
1000 West Esplanade Blvd.
Kenner, LA 70065

For more information, contact Adam Einck at or 225-765-2465.

LDWF to Hold Summer Day Camps in Baton Rouge

Release Date: 05/11/2012


The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is sponsoring two summer day camps for children 12 to 16 years old at the Waddill Outdoor Education Center in Baton Rouge this summer.

The camps will be held from June 25-29 and again from July 23-27.  Each camp is completely free of charge and will allow participants to receive their official boater and hunter education certifications.

LDWF will also offer a fish identification class, fishing and canoeing in the ponds at the Waddill Outdoor Education Center, skeet shooting, and other outdoor related classes and activities.

"Last year’s first ever summer camp proved so successful that we wanted to do two this year.  These camps provide a lot of time for learning classroom material that the children then get a chance to utilize with hands on activities immediately outside later that same day,” said LDWF Secretary Robert Barham.  “For a week, parents have the chance to let their kids become sportsmen and women in a safe, supervised environment.”

The Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation are providing a daily lunch free of charge for the five-day summer camps.  Cabela's in Gonzales also donated rod and reel combo sets for each child that they can take home at the end of the camp.

The camps are open to 25 children per camp who have not completed a boater or hunter education certificate.

To register for the camps, parents must fill out the online application located at by May 25.  Parents must fill out a separate application for each child they wish to register and may only register their child for one of the camps.

Since the main goal of these camps is to introduce and teach kids about the outdoors, LDWF will choose the 25 kids for each camp based on the child’s lack of experience with fishing, boating and hunting.  LDWF will notify parents by either email or phone if their child has been selected for the camps.

“We want to teach children how much fun and exciting it can be by spending time outside enjoying all that Louisiana has to offer,” said Secretary Barham.  “These camps also get the kids out of the house away from their video games and computers for a week during their summer break.  They will catch some fish, paddle canoes and shoot skeet and for some this might be their first time ever doing any of these activities.”

Parents with children that have been selected for either camp, must drop off their child at the Waddill Outdoor Education Center located at 4142 North Flannery Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70814 between 7 and 8 a.m., and then pick their child up between 4 and 5 p.m. each day.  Attendance every day of the week is mandatory in order to receive the boating and hunting education certifications.

The boating education course is mandatory for anybody born after Jan. 1, 1984 and proof of completion of the course is necessary to operate a motorboat in excess of 10 horsepower.  The course includes information on choosing a boat, classification, hulls, motors, legal requirements and equipment requirements.  The course also covers many navigation rules and charts, trailering, sailboats, canoeing, personal watercraft and more.  Completion of the course will result in the student being issued a vessel operators certification card.

The hunter education course is mandatory for anyone born on or after Sept. 1, 1969, who plans on purchasing a hunting license.  The hunter education curriculum includes sections on ethics and responsibility, wildlife management, firearms and ammunition, safety in the field, wildlife identification and wildlife conservation.  The major objectives of the hunter education programs are to reduce the number of hunting accidents, improve the image of hunting through ethical and responsible conduct and promote the shooting sports.

For more information, contact Adam Einck at or 225-765-2465.

Bridge Construction on Pointe-aux-Chenes W.M.A. Requires Closing Access to Eastern Water Control Structure on Montegut Management Unit

Release Date: 05/09/2012

May 9, 2012 – The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is advising the public that bridge construction across the eastern water control structure on the Montegut Management Unit has closed that structure to public access on Pointe-aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The closure is due to public safety concerns as construction vehicles and equipment work on the structure during the project.

Bridge construction is expected to be completed in September. LDWF staff has posted the restricted area around the construction site on the WMA. The Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District is coordinating the construction.

Pointe-aux-Chenes WMA is located Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, southeast of Houma.

For more information on Pointe-aux -Chenes WMA, visit the LDWF website at or call 985-594-5494.


WEEKLY eNEWS: LEEC Art & Language Art Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Plus…Events, Webinars/Workshops, Grants, Volunteers Needed, Job Openings, Resources, Lagniappe

A Compilation of Environmental Education News from Across Louisiana.


Louisiana's Tenth Environmental Awareness Student Art & Language Arts Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED!
Please see the attached announcement for the list of this year’s contest winners. On behalf of the contest sponsors: Alcoa Foundation, LEEC, and LDWF ...we congratulate the 2012 winning entries! We would like to sincerely thank all students who submitted entries. We have so many talented students in our great state! Many, many thanks to all of you who participated and congratulations to all of our winners! For more information, visit the Environmental Awareness Art & Language Arts Contest page.


Explore a Seashore - May programs on Sharks, Coastal Hazards and Horn Island
Through a partnership with Mississippi Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, the Gulf Coast Research Lab is offering this engaging series of excursions for adults and their children aged 12 and over to learn about the coastal Gulf of Mexico. 
        •  May 12, 2012 Weathering the Storm & Rolling with the Punches – Learn the processes that contribute to hurricane formation and sea level rise. Visit a coastal community where planners and architects have applied results of research to restore a bayou, and a neighborhood.
        •   May 18-19, 2012 Sharks, Shores, and a Whole Lot More – Join shark researchers for a day aboard the RV Hermes collecting data… and sharks!
Program fee is $20/person. TEACHERS! Bring your family, earn CEUs (most programs carry 0.5 - 0.8 CEUs) and enhance your specific content knowledge of coastal science and the process of science!
Other dates, more information and a registration form are available at Contact Jessica A. Kastler, Ph.D. at 228 872 4269 or for more information.

ASLO 2013 Meeting in New Orleans! Submit your proposal now! (Deadline: May 18)
ASLO is returning to the Big Easy for the first time since 1990! The Aquatic Sciences Meeting will be held on February 17-22, 2013, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Under the theme "Learning for the Future," the meeting will bring together scientists, engineers, students, educators, policy makers and other stake holders to learn from the past and look to the future of aquatic sciences. Proposals should address broad and timely topics that will interest a broad audience. We encourage the inclusion of both research and non-research presentations within sessions. "Non-research" would apply to both policy and education presentations. Sessions that encourage presentations that include both research and non-research aspects are especially desired. Session proposals must be submitted online by 23:59 U.S. Central Daylight Time, May 18, 2012, to Proposals should include the following information: session title; name(s) of session organizer(s), affiliation(s) and contact methods; session format: talks/posters/both, or others; and a brief synopsis of the session. For more information, please contact: Helen Schneider Lemay, ASLO Business Office, 5400 Bosque Boulevard, Suite 680, Waco, Texas 76710-4446,, 800-929-ASLO or 1-254-399-9635

Conservation Cup Polo Match to Support Land Conservation in Louisiana (May 20)
The Land Trust for Southeast Louisiana, whose mission is to protect natural areas and agricultural lands, will be holding its “Conservation Cup” the afternoon of Sunday, May 20th at Leah Farms of Louisiana (16191 Hwy 40, Folsom, LA) from 12 pm- 5 pm. The annual event has been the primary venue for the past six years to raise awareness for land conservation in Louisiana. This year’s Conservation Cup will be hosted by the New Orleans Polo Club in its annual challenge match against its rival, the Point Clear Polo Club from Mobile, Alabama. A buffet lunch will be served; with musical entertainment featuring the Regg Sanders Trio. A Calcutta auction will be held prior to the start of the match at 12:30 pm, where participants can choose their favorite players. Donated items will be available for purchase through silent and live auctions during the afternoon. In addition to the excitement of watching the polo match and the chance to meet the players and their horses, the event is an afternoon of food, music, and pony rides for the children. Admission is $25 Adults, $15 Students, Free for Children under 10. (Includes buffet lunch); $250 - table sponsorship (8 seats per table), reservations guarantee space under the tent
For reservations or more information regarding volunteering, donation of auction items, or event sponsorship, visit  or contact Marsha O’Brien at (985) 276-8000.

Enroll in Summer Camp at TRAC in Texas! Hands-on learning with Audubon Adventure Camps:
        •  Lone Star Overnight Adventure Camp – Week of June 11 Full Day Camp for children 8 - 10 years old (June 11-15)
Go wild in the Lone Star State! Step back in time and explore the life and times of the pioneers who first settled in Texas. Investigate the amazing plants that call Texas home, and discover the fascinating wild world of Texas animals. Spend Monday through Wednesday at the Dallas Arboretum, then spend an adventure-packed Thursday through Friday (including a staff-supervised overnight) at Trinity River Audubon Center, hiking, paddling, fishing, and exploring our amazing North Texas home. Classes are from 9am to 3pm with a staff-supervised sleepover on Thursday night at TRAC. Cost is $250 for Non-members and $225 for members of Arboretum and Trinity River Audubon Center. For registration information, click here.
        •  "Aquatic Adventures with the Children's Aquarium At Fair Park And Trinity River Audubon Center" – For children eligible for 4th-5th grade enrollment in fall 2012 (June 16-20)
Campers will spend three days learning all about the aquatic world at the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park, then spend two days at TRAC exploring ponds, wetlands and our amazing Trinity River. We'll paddle in kayaks and canoes, muck through wetlands, sample ponds and give catch-and-release fishing a try to see what fish species are present. Bring an extra pair of clothes; we will be getting dirty! This special camp for 4th-5th graders includes a staff-supervised sleepover at TRAC on Thursday, July 19. Classes are from 9am to 3pm with a staff-supervised sleepover on Thursday night at TRAC. July 16-20. Cost is $240/Members of the Dallas Zoo, Trinity River Audubon Center or Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center at Cedar Hill. $265/Non-Members. For more information, call 469-554-7300 or email

State of the Coast: Official Program Released, Registration Open (June 25-27)
This year’s official conference program, available on, is the largest and most comprehensive array of topics ever assembled regarding the Louisiana coast. The 2012 program covers a wide spectrum of the most critical issues facing the Louisiana coast, making State of the Coast 2012 a can’t-miss opportunity to hear the very latest ideas, research and methods affecting our coastal future. View the complete program here. Admission is $250. Your registration includes entry into all daily sessions and events, lunches, breaks and snacks, and a special opening-night reception sponsored by Hesco! This is an incredible value for a three-day conference in one of the world’s most exciting cities, New Orleans.


Training Opportunities from the Natural Disaster Preparedness Training Center
The NDPTC is coming to Baton Rouge to conduct two training workshops. If you are interesting in attending these workshops, please see the attached flyers for more information and registration:
May 14 – Social Media for Disaster Response and Recovery
May 15 – Coastal Community Resilience

New EE in Action Webinar on May 15!
EPA's Office of Environmental Education (OEE) hosts webinars for the Environmental Education (EE) community as part of a new initiative called Environmental Education in Action (EE in Action). These webinars will showcase environmental education programs and resources, including grant projects funded by EPA. The next webinar is:
What in the World Triggers Asthma? What Every School Should Know
Date: May 15, 2012, 4-5pm EST
Summary: Asthma is a serious, sometimes life-threatening chronic respiratory disease that affects the quality of life for almost 25 million Americans, including an estimated 7 million children. Although there is no cure for asthma yet, asthma can be controlled through medical treatment and management of environmental triggers. EPA is committed to educating all Americans about asthma so that everyone knows what asthma is, how the environment can affect asthma patients and how to manage environmental asthma triggers. Join us in this webinar to learn about asthma triggers, how to prevent or avoid them, and what resources EPA offers to educate yourself and others on how to take action to reduce asthma attacks. Pre-registration is required.
Visit to register.
View recent, archived EE in Action webinars at

Using the Conservation Education Scope & Sequence (May 23)
Register now
for Using the Conservation Education Scope and Sequence, May 23 at 2 pm EST
One of the best practices for stewardship education is to make sure programs are age appropriate - that skills and concepts are taught at the appropriate developmental stage. Join Judy Silverberg as she explains the Conservation Education Scope and Sequence - what it is, what it is designed to do (and not do), and how to use it. She will look at an activity (or two) and use the scope and sequence to identify the appropriate age or grade band. By the end of the webinar you will be able to use this document as a tool in planning age appropriate content and activities. Judy is Wildlife Education Programs Supervisor with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, and chair of the CE Strategy. Space is limited so be sure to register soon.  
February and April Webinar Recordings Available – Recordings of the CE Strategy Overview and the Best Practices for Stewardship Education are now available on AFWA's website. (Be sure to scroll down past the upcoming webinars section.)

Permits 101:  Understanding the Basics
The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) is sponsoring free training sessions that will give you a basic understanding of what permits are, the different types, and the permitting process within each media. Please register for one of the sessions below:
NEW ORLEANS AREA:  MAY 10, 2012, 10AM-12PM
Yenni Building, 2nd Floor Council Chambers, 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Jefferson, LA 70123
LAKE CHARLES:  MAY 17, 2012, 10AM-12PM
LSU AgCenter, 7101 Gulf Highway, Lake Charles, LA 70607
Main Street Community Center, 708 Main Street, Pineville, LA 71360
If you would like to attend any of these workshops please register online at or fax the attached registration form to (225)325-8222. If you would like more information please call (225) 219-0877 or visit the ENVIROSCHOOL website at Registration is suggested. These workshops are free and open to the public. 

MAY OneNOAA Science Seminars
OneNOAA Science Seminars is the most complete summary of upcoming NOAA science seminars and a joint effort to share science across NOAA and our constituents. All seminars are free and open to anyone. All NOAA offices and CI are welcome to join our effort as OneNOAA seminar partners and share their seminars! For questions, please contact or a OneNOAA Science seminar partner. New seminars listed below. Click on seminar title to access full details.
May 10: Transitioning from FGDC to ISO 101 and ISO Content and Organization: Validation; Speaker(s): NCDDC; Location: Webinar access only; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 10: Nature of, by, and for the People?; Speaker(s): Dr. Mary Ruckelshaus (Managing Director, Natural Capital Project); Location:NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) Auditorium (2725 Montlake Boulevard East, Seattle, WA 98112); Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 10: Early results from the Barnegat Bay Sea Nettle Barrier Pilot Project; Speaker(s): Jim Vasslides, Jennifer Barny, Nina Sassano (Barnegat Bay Partnership, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ); Location: NOAA, NMFS, NEFSC, James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory Conference Room. (74 Magruder Road, Sandy Hook, New Jersey; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 14: Stakeholder Use of Riverine Probabilistic Forecasts; Speaker(s): Jan Verkade and Edwin Welles (Deltares).; Location: NOAA SSMC-2, Silver Spring, MD; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 15: Snow Falling On Yellow-Cedars; Speaker(s): Paul Hennon et al.; Location: ACCAP, Fairbanks, Alaska; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 15-17: NOAA 2012 Environmental Data Management Conference; Speaker(s): Multiple; Location: The Marriott Inn & Conference Center at UMD, East Hyattsville, MD; Click here to add this event to your google calendar
May 16: The Assimilation of Surface Sensitive Microwave Observations Over Land: Recent Results and Open Issues; Speaker(s): Fatima Karbou (MeteoFrance); Location: JCSDA, Camp Springs, MD; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 17: Transitioning from FGDC to ISO 101 and ISO Content and Organization: QandA for Validation; Speaker(s): NCDDC; Location: Webinar access only; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 17: Resource Rents, Inframarginal Rents and the Transition to Property Rights in a Common Pool Resource ; Speaker(s): Dr. Chris Costello (Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, UC Santa Barbara); Location: NWFSC, Seattle, WA 98112; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 23: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species: Marine Species Preparations for the Next Conference of the Parties; Speaker(s): Dr. Dwayne Meadows (NOAA Fisheries Office of Protected Resources); Location: NOAA SSMC-4, Room 8150 (1305 East-West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD 20910); Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 23: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Associated With Oil and Natural Gas Operations in Colorado and Utah: Regional Characteristics and Potential Atmospheric Impacts; Speaker(s):Jessica Gilman (NOAA ESRL CSD & CU CIRES); Location: NOAA ESRL Chemical Sciences Division seminar Room 2A305, David Skaggs Research Center (NOAA Building), 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 24: Transitioning from FGDC to ISO 101 and ISO Content and Organization: Advanced ISO Topics; Speaker(s): NCDDC; Location: Webinar access only; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 24: Linking Swimming Performance to Population Processes in Coastal Fishes; Speaker(s): Dr. Todd Anderson (San Diego State University); Location: NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) Auditorium (2725 Montlake Boulevard East, Seattle, WA 98112); Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 31: Transitioning from FGDC to ISO 101 and ISO Content and Organization: QandA for Advanced ISO Topics; Speaker(s): Speaker(s): NCDDC; Location: Webinar access only; Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar
May 31: Reference Points and the Ecosystem Approach: New Concepts for Old Tools and Old Tools for New Concepts; Speaker(s): Dr. Jake Rice (Canada DFO); Location: NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) Auditorium (2725 Montlake Boulevard East, Seattle, WA 98112); Click here to add this seminar to your google calendar

From H-2-O: A Water Quality Workshop for Teachers (June 13-16)
This workshop will provide teachers with the knowledge, skills, and equipment to do water quality monitoring as an inquiry-based environmental education experience with their students using LUMCON’s Bayouside Classroom program. Show students their connection to the Gulf of Mexico through watershed science while conducting meaningful science and stewardship activities. This workshop is presented by Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) and funded by Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP). The workshop cost is FREE and open to any middle school or high school science or math teacher. Application Deadline: May 24, 2012
Workshop topics: water quality parameters and normal limits, sampling techniques, use of data to test hypotheses, gulf hypoxia (dead zones), watersheds, non-point source pollution, estuaries, invasive species, nutrients and nutrient impacts
Workshop Highlights: FREE lodging and meals offered during the workshop, FREE water sampling equipment and resources, hands-on training of sampling techniques, hands-on data use in the classroom to tests hypotheses, interaction with scientists and other educators, presentations about meaningful and relevant water quality issues, field components that allow participants to experience different watershed habitats, laboratory sessions, participants will earn up to 24 CLUs
For more workshop information and/or application materials contact: Murt Conover, (985) 851-2860, or visit

Early Childhood EE Programs: Guidelines for Excellence, June 26th, 4:00pm Eastern
This webinar focuses on our newest set of guidelines - Early Childhood Environmental Education Programs: Guidelines for Excellence. We will discuss how the guidelines are being used in early childhood environmental education program design and implementation and introduce you to a companion document, Early Childhood Environmental Education Rating Scale. To register:


YSA Grants for Teachers and Youth Now Available
YSA is now accepting applications for two grant programs: our $1,000 State Farm Good Neighbor Student Achievement Grants for K-12 public schools in the U.S. to engage students in a fall Semester of Service and our $500 Get Ur Good On Grants for youth, ages 5-25, around the world to lead a service project during June - August 2012.
        •  State Farm Good Neighbor Student Achievement Grants (Deadline: May 31)
State Farm™ is proud to team up with YSA to offer grants of up to $1,000 for programs enhancing student achievement through service-learning in K-12 public schools in all fifty US states, the District of Columbia, and in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick. Each grant engages participating teachers and students in a service and learning program that promotes academic achievement, workplace readiness, and stronger communities. The State Farm Good Neighbor Student Achievement Grant requires a 12 to 14 weeks Semester of Service™.
        •   Get Ur Good On Grants (Deadline: May 27)
If you're ready to make a positive impact in your community, Miley Cyrus and her friends at YSA want to help! With $500 Get Ur Good On Grants, you'll have the inspiration, project support, and necessary funding to turn your idea into a reality. Kids and young adults ages 5-25 worldwide are eligible to apply for a $500 Get Ur Good On Grant to support youth-led projects. Projects must address a demonstrated community need or issue, and must take place during June, July and/or August 2012.  
If you have questions about either grant program, please contact the YSA Grants team at


Planting Marsh Grasses to Restore Wetlands Near Vermilion Bay – Volunteers Needed
Register Now
The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL), the Rainey Alliance, and the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority are looking for volunteers to participate in a marsh restoration project at Christian Marsh (west of Vermilion Bay). Volunteers will plant nearly 40,000 plants along a newly constructed marsh terraces to help prevent further erosion and to stabilize the soil. Volunteer efforts will produce new habitats that will support a variety of aquatic wildlife and migratory birds.
Planting Dates are May 14, May 17, May 18, and May 19 from 9 a.m. to no later than 4 p.m. at the Intracoastal City Public Boat Launch (south of Abbeville). We are also looking for volunteers to help unload and transport marsh grass (by boat) to the project site on Wednesday, May 16, 9 a.m. to no later than 4 p.m. at the Intracoastal City Public Boat Launch (south of Abbeville).
All volunteers must register with CRCL to attend the event! Volunteers will be transported to the planting site by boat. This will be a muddy day. This is a strenuous and dirty activity, so physical fitness is required. All planting equipment (gloves, shovels, etc.), lunch, and refreshments will be provided. Visit for more information.

GOMA Seeks Members for Business Advisory Council (Deadline: May 16)
The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) is accepting applications to fill 16 seats on its newly-established Business Advisory Council (BAC). With the BAC, GOMA wants to ensure industry sector participation and advisement in regional initiatives for the Gulf of Mexico. The BAC will provide a fundamental connection between policy and applied management decisions. Applications must be returned to GOMA by May 16, 2012, and can be found on GOMA's Web site:


Graduate Assistantship for LSU EnvironMentors Coordinator
The Louisiana State University EnvironMentors Program would like to hire a new graduate student to fill the role of Coordinator beginning the Summer 2012. We are offering a graduate assistantship for a student who would be enrolled in the LSU Masters of Natural Science program. On-the-job training will be provided from the current coordinator. Please see the attached announcement for more details and contact information.


NGCP Program Directory - Find Summer Camps!
The online Program Directory lists organizations and programs that focus on motivating girls to pursue STEM careers. The purpose of the directory is to help organizations and individuals network, share resources, and collaborate on STEM-related projects for girls. When you sign up for the Program Directory, you will enter your program description, resources available within your organization, program and/or organizational needs, and contact information. You can search by summer camp offerings in your zip code as well.


Invitation to Participate in Educator Survey
The University of Florida, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, and invites you to take an online survey about teaching climate change in secondary science courses. This survey is intended for middle and high school science educators who teach in the Southeast (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia). They are interested in hearing from you whether or not you currently cover climate change in your classroom. The results of this survey will guide the development of a new Project Learning Tree secondary module that will focus on climate change impacts on southern forest ecosystems, forest impacts on climate, and ways people can affect these relationships. The module is being developed primarily for science and agriculture courses in grades 9-12, with potential use in middle school or community college courses as well.
        If you teach secondary science in the Southeast, we welcome your input through completing this survey, which will take 10-15 minutes. Your responses will be recorded anonymously to protect your identity to the extent provided by law. You may stop answering questions at any time. There are no risks or benefits to participating. There is no compensation for your participation, only the knowledge that you have contributed to the development of this educational resource. Please click the following link to access the survey: If you have any questions about this survey, please contact: Dr. Martha Monroe at or (352) 846-0878.

CRCL Teams Up With Patagonia and Massey’s Sporting Goods to Save the Coast!
They call it “Sportsman’s Paradise” for a reason, and now you can gear up for your trip to the coast and help save it at the same time. From today until May 20th, Patagonia will donate $10 to CRCL for every pair of Patagonia shoes you purchase at Massey’s Professional Outfitters in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Covington and Metairie.  Patagonia has long held a reputation for making high-quality outdoors gear, and Massey’s carries a great selection of the finest Patagonia products available. Go out and support CRCL this May by shopping at Massey’s!

Find out about wetland outreach activities including symposiums, conferences, meetings, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and related support material at the Louisiana Unified Coastal Community Calendar at

Juliet Raffray, Environmental Education Assistant Coordinator, 225-765-0124,
Venise Ortego, Environmental Education Coordinator, 337-948-0255,
Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries –

Longleaf Pine Restoration Workshop Set for May 24

Release Date: 05/08/2012

May 8, 2012 - Private landowners, forestry professionals, wildlife biologists and managers are invited to a Longleaf Pine Workshop on Thursday, May 24 in Sheridan, La.

The event begins at 8 a.m. at the Lee Memorial Forest on LA 10, nine miles west of Bogalusa, and includes morning tours of the area, lunch and afternoon information sessions.

Participants will hear presentations on managing land after a natural disaster, ecosystem restoration and how to establish and manage longleaf pine stands. Information about state and federal cost share programs will also be provided to assist with restoration of longleaf pine.

Longleaf pine forests once covered millions of acres throughout the Southeastern United States. Today, longleaf pine habitat is limited to several thousand acres. Longleaf pine habitat can contain as many as 300 different species of groundcover plants per acre, and approximately 60 percent of the amphibian and reptile species found in the Southeast. Additionally, this forested habitat is home to at least 122 endangered or threatened plant and animal species including the red-cockaded woodpecker and gopher tortoise, plus the northern bobwhite, a species of concern.

This field day event will provide time to meet professionals who can share their knowledge of the longleaf pine ecosystem and wildlife habitat it supports.  Participating partners include the Texas-Louisiana Longleaf Taskforce, National Wild Turkey Federation – LA Chapter, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, US Forest Service-Southern Research Station, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Farm Service Agency, LSU AgCenter, Larson-McGowin Forest Managers and Consultants, the Louisiana Society of American Foresters, The Nature Conservancy and Weyerhaeuser Company.

The pre-registration deadline for the workshop is May 16. For more information on registration or the workshop, contact Brian Chandler at 225-683-3101 or

AMENDED - LWFC Takes Unprecedented Step to Move Forward with “State-waters Only” Red Snapper Season for 2013

Release Date: 05/04/2012

May 4, 2012 – Today the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) took action to implement a “Louisiana-only” red snapper recreational season, set to begin in 2013. 

This Louisiana red snapper weekend-only season would begin the Saturday preceding Palm Sunday each year and end September 30 of the same year, with a recreational bag limit of three fish per day at a 16 inch minimum.  A weekend is defined as Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of Memorial Day and Labor Day, when Monday would be classified as a weekend as well. 

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Secretary Robert Barham was given the authority to modify the portions of this rule pertaining to red snapper recreational daily harvest limits and seasons if the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Survey institutes sub-regional management for the species or if it is otherwise deemed necessary. 

In related action, next month the Commission will also consider extending state waters from three miles offshore to three marine leagues or approximately 10.357 miles.  This action is being considered based on recent legislative action taken in 2011 in Act 336, which recognizes that the gulfward boundary historically consists of three marine leagues and designates that boundary to be enforced by state law regarding the protection and restoration of coastal lands, waters and natural resources, and regulation of activities affecting them.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is charged with managing and protecting Louisiana’s abundant resources.  For more information, visit us at on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @LDWF.

For press inquiries, contact Laura Wooderson at or (504) 430-2623.

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