Release Date: 11/15/2005

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would like to advise fishermen that the Fish For the Future Foundation, a non-profit institution established to improve the scientific and economic understanding of marine fisheries management and the seafood industry in the U.S., has announced the establishment of the Gulf Fishermans Relief Fund according to the foundations Web site.

The Gulf Fishermans Relief Fund is offering to assist members of the fishing community in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and parts of Florida affected by this natural disaster. 

In order to assure fairness, the fund plans to appoint an advisory panel made up of the most knowledgeable fisheries administrators within the region to review applications submitted by fishermen and assessments provided by local authorities. 

Funding for the program is derived from charitable events and volunteer contributions and overhead expenses will be limited through the use of volunteers and professionals who have offered their services pro bono.  The foundation is also accepting contributions from individuals, groups and corporations interested in donating to the relief fund.  Checks and money orders may be sent to the Gulf Fishermans Relief Fund, 3382 Gunston Rd., Alexandria, Virginia.

Applications for assistance and more information concerning the relief fund are available at the Fish For The Future Foundation Web site at  In addition to name and contact information, grant applications require information on state and federal permit type, number and effective dates, vessel information and a brief statement of losses. 

EDITORS:  For more information, contact Martin Bourgeois at 225-765-2401