Release Date: 04/18/2006

Jimmy Anthony, a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologist program manager for the Wildlife Division, was recently elected chairman of the Federal Assistance Coordinators Working Group (FACWG).  This group is a subcommittee of the Fish and Wildlife Trust Funds Committee (FWTFC) within the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA).

As chairman of the FACWG, Anthony also obtains a seat on the FWTFC.  "My role on the FACWG is to represent the southeastern states on federal assistance issues by coordinating opinions and solutions to federal assistance issues from all the states and to report the consensus opinions to the FWTFC," Anthony said.

The FACWG is currently working with federal assistance in developing a Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART), which will measure the effectiveness and improve the Federal Assistance Program.  The group is also charged with naming a working group to revise State Wildlife Grant (SWG) guidelines that will involve three federal aid officials and three state personnel.

"I now have a stronger voice in revising federal assistance rules and regulations and will be in position to recommend program changes that will benefit Louisiana and the southeast at the national level," Anthony said. 

Anthony, who has been with LDWF for 28 years, was originally elected to represent the Southeastern Association of Federal Assistance Coordinators on the FACWG two years ago.

AFWA, formerly the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (IAFWA), was founded in 1902.  It represents the government agencies responsible for North America's fish and wildlife resources.  AFWA applies expertise in science, policy, economics and coalition-building to serve its members as a national and international voice on a broad array of wildlife and conservation issues.  AFWA's mission is to protect state authority and support provincial and territorial authority for wildlife conservation; promote sound resource management; and strengthen federal, state, provincial, territorial and private cooperation in conserving fish and wildlife and their habitats in the public interest.

For more information, contact Jimmy Anthony at 225-765-2347 or janthony@wlf.louisiana.gov.