Release Date: 04/28/2006

The Louisiana Oyster Task Force (LOTF) will meet on May 2, 2006 at 1 p.m. at the LSU AgCenter located on the Baton Rouge campus on the corner of East Parker and Highland Rd. in room 212 of Efferson Hall.  For more information, call 225-578-4161.

The agenda is as follows:

1) Roll Call

2) Oyster Development Account Balance

3) Acceptance of Minutes

4) Action Items and Board Member Requests

A. Request LDWF to update the LOTF relating to lifting of the oyster lease moratorium (John Tesvich)

B. Request LDWF to update LOTF relating to current status of the Barataria Public Oyster Grounds (Mike Voisin)

C. Discuss changes to the LOTF Bylaws that would require two-thirds vote for anytime changes are recommended to the existing oyster season dates (John Tesvich)

D. Make recommendations to proper authorities for opening Ostrica and Empire locks (John Tesvich)

E. Hurricane Relief- LOTF to recommend to authorities the development of aid programs to oystermen based on price supports/subsidies and incentives to keep oystermen harvesting and planting their grounds (John Tesvich)

F. Expansion of Lake Mechant public seed grounds (Wilson Voisin)

G. Update and request from LOTF members listed from their respective Associations if their Association's/Corporations are still Active Corporations listed with the Secretary of State in Louisiana (Al Sunseri)

H. Update on USDA's Katrina funds that were appropriated for oyster farmers to clean their oyster, plant cultch, and plant seed oysters. (Al Sunseri)

I. Other Washington DC updates (Mike Voisin)

J. Presentation on triploid oyster seed project developed for Plaquemine Parish long-term recovery programming (John Supan)

K. Recent ISSC meeting updates (Mike Voisin)

L. LOTF Oyster Recovery Plan Update (Mike Voisin)

M. 2006 LOTF Legislative Reception (Mike Voisin)

N. Review of 2006 Legislative Bills Relating to Oysters (Mike Voisin) HB 702, 802, 1249 HCR 29,109,137

O. Other Items (Mike Voisin)

P. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman (Mike Voisin)

5) Committee Reports

A. Legislative (Ken Odinet, Sr.)
B. Research (John Supan)
C. Health (James Antoon)
D. Enforcement (Keith Lacaze)
E. Legal (Buddy Pausina)
F. Coastal Restoration (Buddy Pausina)
G. Oyster Damage Evaluation Board (Mike Voisin)
H. Marketing (Al Sunseri and Tracy Mitchell)
I. Strategic Planning (Jakov Jurisic)

6) Adjourn