Release Date: 06/05/2006

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission ratified a rule modifying recreational harvest regulations for spotted seatrout in a designated area of southwestern Louisiana at its June 1, 2006 meeting.  Effective June 20, 2006, the creel limit in the designated area is reduced from 25 fish to 15 fish per person.  The area affected by the rule is the same area that has a limit of no more than two fish exceeding twenty-five inches total length as part of the daily bag and possession limit.

The final rule reads as follows:  Within those areas of the state, including coastal territorial waters, south of Interstate 10 from its junction at the Texas Louisiana boundary eastward to its junction with Louisiana Highway 171, south to Highway 14, and then south to Holmwood, and then south on Highway 27 through Gibbstown south to Louisiana Highway 82 at Creole and south on Highway 82 to Oak Grove, and then due south to the western shore of the Mermentau River, following this shoreline south to the junction with the Gulf of Mexico, and then due south to the limit of the state territorial sea, under the authority of the provisions of R.S. 56:325.1(A), the daily take and possession limit shall be 15 fish, regardless of where taken, with no more than two  spotted seatrout exceeding 25 inches total length.  Those spotted seatrout exceeding 25 inches in length shall be considered as part of the daily recreational take and possession limit.

The final rule will become effective on June 20, 2006.  All other applicable rules regarding the harvest of spotted seatrout established by the commission shall be in effect, including the existing size restriction that requires all spotted seatrout retained recreationally to be at least 12 inches total length.

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