Release Date: 07/07/2006

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission set the tentative dates for the 2006-07 mourning dove and early migratory bird hunting seasons at their July 6 meeting.

The mourning dove season will last 70 days with three segments and for the first time in Louisiana hunters may kill white-winged doves and include them in their 12-bird aggregate daily bag limit and possession limit of 24 total birds.  The first segment will start on Sep. 2 and run through Sep. 10.  The second segment will be open from Oct. 14 to Nov. 19.  The final segment will open from Dec. 16 to Jan. 8.  Furthermore, Eurasian-collared doves and ringed turtle-doves may only be hunted or taken during the open mourning dove season, with no bag limit provided that a fully feathered wing and head remain attached to the carcass.  Those not meeting this standard will be included in the daily bag limit for mourning doves.  The shooting hours are half an hour before sunrise to sunset, except for the opening weekend of each segment (Sep. 2-3, Oct. 14-15, and Dec. 16-17), which will be from noon to sunset.

Teal season will last 16 days from Sep. 15 to Sep. 30.  A daily bag limit of four and possession limit of eight will be allowed.

Rail and gallinules seasons will last 70 days.  The first segment will be open from Sep. 15 to Sep. 30.  The other segments will be set in August with the regular waterfowl seasons and regulations.  King and clapper rails have a daily bag limit of 15 with a possession limit totaling 30.  Sora and Virginia rails have a daily and possession limit totaling 25.  Common and purple gallinules have a daily bag limit of 15 and possession limit totaling 30.

Woodcock season will last 45 days from Dec. 18 to Jan. 31.  A three-bird daily bag limit and a six-bird possession limit will be allowed.

Shooting and hawking hours for woodcock, rail, teal and gallinules are half an hour before sunrise to sunset.

Extended falconry mourning dove season is open from Sep. 11 to Oct. 13 and will reopen from Nov. 20 to Nov. 23.  Extended falconry woodcock season is open from Oct. 28 to Dec. 17 and will reopen from Feb. 1 to Feb. 11.  The falconry daily bag limit is three and possession limit is six birds for all permitted migratory game birds during the extended falconry and regular hunting seasons.  Extended falconry seasons for ducks, rails and gallinules will be set in August with the duck regulations.

For more information, contact Dave Moreland at 225-765-2346 or dmoreland@wlf.louisiana.gov.