Release Date: 07/12/2006

The 2006 spring inshore shrimp season in Shrimp Management Zone 3 will close on Monday, July 17, at 6 a.m. except for that portion of the Calcasieu Ship Channel originating at a line between Channel Markers 85 and 86 southward to a point originating along the inside/outside shrimp line at Calcasieu Pass as described in LA R.S.56:495(A) and including East Pass from its origin at the Calcasieu Ship Channel to the south end of Calcasieu Lake and West Pass from its origin at the Calcasieu Ship Channel to the south end of West Cove which will close on Wednesday, July 26, at 6 a.m.

Zone 3 is that portion of Louisiana's inside waters from the western shore of Vermilion Bay and Southwest Pass at Marsh Island to the Louisiana-Texas state line. State territorial waters south of the Inside/Outside shrimp line, as described in LA R.S.56:495, will remain open to shrimping.  

The closure was announced today by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Dwight Landreneau and was based on recommendations made by LDWF Marine Fisheries Division biologists.

The number, distribution and percentage of small juvenile white shrimp within the area to be closed has progressively increased in recent weeks.  Analysis of current LDWF shrimp trawl sampling data indicates substantial population increases this week and these waters are being closed to protect these developing shrimp.

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