Release Date: 02/02/2007

Recipients of Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) 2006 Employee Recognition Awards were honored at the Feb. 1 Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meeting.

Earlier this year, a committee of LDWF staff members reviewed and rated nominees in the categories of Customer Service, Employee of the Year and Special Achievement by a Team. The committee was comprised of winners from the previous year and appointees of their offices or divisions.

"The vital natural resource conservation efforts of our staff in the field, and the administrative support staff that works behind the scenes, deserve to be recognized for all that they do," said LDWF Secretary Bryant Hammett. "These awards highlight the agency's top performers, commended by their peers."

Dr. Ruth Elsey, from the Office of Wildlife's Fur and Refuge Division and Col. Winton Vidrine, chief of the LDWF Enforcement Division, were this year's winners of the Secretary's Award. 

In the Office of Management and Finance (OMF), Employee of the Year Awards went to Janis Landry and Ruth Rigg.  Linda Allen was chosen to receive the Customer Service Award.

Office of the Secretary Customer Service Awards went to Tina Faul.  The Employee of the Year Award for this office was presented to Sgt. Chris Carpenter.

For the Office of Wildlife, Mike Genusa earned the Customer Service Award. Guthrie Perry, Karen McCall and Kim Bourriaque received Employee of the Year Awards.

Office of Fisheries' Employee of the Year Awards went to Martin Bourgeois, Sue Landrum and Marsha Strong.

Special Achievement by a Team Awards went to the licensing team with OMF including: Christy Armand, Sheila Blache, Secunda Byrd, Annette Daigle, Sheila Johnson, Sally LeJeune, Frances Mayo, Celeste Mays, Halane Ricketts, Marian Thigpen, Julia Bruetting, Deborah Sander and Janell Sutton.

The Region 7 Wildlife team is: Mark Bible, Jerome Borne, Bradley Breland, Thomas Bruhl, Billy  Burchfield, Cody Cedotal, Jason Childres, James Davis, Marc Dupuy, Frederick Hagaman, Keith Hemsteter,  Wayne Higginbotham, Bruce Knight, Donald Locascio, Randell Myers, Michael Perot, Kenneth Ribbeck, Norman Stafford, Edward Trahan, Thomas Tuma, Calvin Waskom, Christian Winslow and Cody Cedotal.

The Office of Fisheries "Comeback Team" are: Jason Adriance, Danica Bailey, Richard Bejarano, Arthur Bernard, Kenneth Berteau, Gerald Bordelon, Dayne Boudreaux, Carl Britt, Jack Cahill, Timothy Connolly, Raymond Curtis, Suzanne Delaune, Anthony Dunbar, Aimee Eschete, Aimee Fortier, Neil Gauthier, Roy Giardina, Gregory Godchaux, Gregg Goodspeed, Daniel Graff, Brett Hano, William Hano, Brian Hardcastle, Cara Hoar, Keith Ibos, Raymond Impastato, Howard Jones, Gregory Laiche, Brian Lezina, Clarence Luquet, Vaughan McDonald, Turkessa McGee, Clarence Meyers, Matthew Montz, Anietie Obot, Randall Pausina, Brian Perkins, Alton Primes, Wade Rodriguez, Thomas Rowley, Betty Trahan, Laura Triche, Mandy Tumlin, Mark Webb, Matthew Weigel, Preston Wier, Christian Winslow, Yolanda Wright, Cynthia Yoes and Brian Yuhasz.

The entire LDWF Enforcement division was recognized for their efforts.  They are: Allen Adam, Guy Adams, Douglas Anderson, Joseph Arnaud, Dean Aucoin, Rayford Aucoin, Kenneth Balkom, Alan Bankston, Richard Barnes, Donnie Bates, Jordan Bayham, Scott Bell, Curtis Belton, Mark Benton, John Bernard, Dylan Bertrand, John Blalock, Michael Bonner, David Boudreaux, Kris Bourgeois, William Boyd, Donnie Bozeman, Russell Brack, Ryan Brasher, Grady Brecheen, Wayne Brescher, Hal Bridges, Edwin Broussard, Joseph Broussard, Remy Broussard, Michael Brown, Darren Bruce, Robert Buatt, Dennis Bueche, Louis Burnett, Travis Burnett, Jason Callegari, Lonnie Campbell, Christopher Carpenter, James Carter, Herman Champagne Jr., Joe Chandler, Brian Clark, Richard Clark, Jason Clinton, Spencer Cole, Chuck Comeaux, Clifford Comeaux, John Constance, Christopher Cormier, Laste Cormier, Robert Cosse, Bradley Cromp, Joel Cromp, Robert Daigle, Mitchell Darby, Irvin Dares, Russell Dauzat, Lee Davis, Jimmie Day, Keith Delahoussaye, Marcus Delaney, Robert Deville, Joe Dewil, Thomas Dewitt, Jay Diez, Charles Dison, Jason Dreher, Eric Droddy, Russel Duplessis, Scott Dupre, Robert Duthu, Michael Duvall, Ronald Englehard, Joshua Estis, Charles Ferrington, Jamie Folse, Scott Fontenot, Keith Francis, Elwyn Galloway, James Garon, Michael Garrity, Jason Gernados, James Gomillion, Sean Green, James Gregoire, Glen Gremillion, Brad Guidroz, Gabriel Guidry, Jory Guidry, James Hagan, Buck Hampton, Christopher Harp, Aron Hastings, Chad Hebert, Ronald Hebert, David Hedrick, David Henslee, Aaron Herpin, Kevin Hill, Christopher Hoag, Stanley House, Steven Huval, Glen Jackson, Joey James, Scott Jeansonne, Michael Jeter, Scot Keller, Michael Kelley, Michael Kimble, Parrish Kincaid, Bernie Kiser, Keith LaCaze, Robert Larson, Edward Laviolette, Todd Laviolette, Justin Lee, Maury Leone, Todd Lewis, Charles Liles, Derek Logan, Davis Madere, Jubal Marceaux, Bryan Marie, Richard Markway, Robert Martin, Samuel Martin, Frank Mason, Scott Mathews, Wayne Matirne, Larry May, Jeff Mayne, Robert Mayo, David McAlpin, Richie McCarthy, Melvin McDowell, Jared McIver, Steven McManus, Chad Menzina, Joseph Merrill, Toby Meyers, Winston Michel, Brandon Miller, Toby Miller, Ross Mire, Aaron Monceaux, Darryl Moore, Joseph Moreau, Benjamin Morgan, Ronald Morris, Billy Mouliere, Donald Murray, Michael Murray, David Nunez, Peter Oliver, Joseph Ortis, Richard Owens, James Parish, G Wayne Parker, Troy Parker, David Perry, Carl Pickett, Roy Pier, Gary  Pierce, Linton Presley, Richard Purvis, Carla Rachal, Brian Rawls, Frank Reger, Villere Reggio, James Rhodes, John Rhodes, Edward Ridgel, Thomas Risser, Ronny Robbins, Brody Roberts, William Roberts, Beau Robertson, Ronnie Robertson, George Robinson, Jeffrey Robinson, Michael Rockett, Keith Rodgers, Jason Romero, Leslie Rulf, Jason Russo, Donald Salpietra, Derek Sampey, David Sanford, Jesse Savoie, Roy Schufft, Brandon Scott, Cullen Sellers, Billy Shoemaker, Edward Skena, Henry Smith, Justin Sonnier, Brian Spillman, Jason Stagg, Sherwin Staggs, Jerry Stassi, Eric Stokes, Charles Strain, Paul Stuckey, Ezekiel Talbert, Joseph Tarver, Bryan Taylor, Brian Theriot, Dane Thomas, Kane Thomas, Ray Thomas, Robert Turner, William Tyree, Donald Vallet, Loyd Vaughn, Gene Viator, Steven Vidrine, Winton Vidrine, Jimmy Vining, John Volentine, Wesley Walker, Charles Ward, Paul Watson, Clyde Watts, Wendell Weeks, Milton Weldon, Cecil Wells, Wade Wells, Michael Wilson, Leonard Yokum, Adam Young and Rachel Zechenelly.

A Multi-Divisional Special Achievement by a Team Award went to the Becoming an Outdoors Woman team: Wildlife Division: William Breed, Todd Buffington, Mike Burns, Angela Capello, Theresa Cross, Travis Dufour, Cheryl Fischer, Kenny Hebert, Jarrod Hughes, Daniel Hurdle, Wayne Huston, Jonathan LeBlanc, David Moreland, Dana Norsworthy, Mark Roy, Mitch Samaha, John Sturgis; Marine Fisheries: Evan Thames; Inland Fisheries: Ricky Yeldell.

For more information, contact Thomas Gresham at 225-765-2496 or tgresham@wlf.louisiana.gov.

This year's Secretary Award winners: Ruth Elsey from the Office of Wildlife's Fur and Refuge Division and Enforcement's Col. Winton Vidrine.