Release Date: 05/08/2007

WHO: French Quarter celebrity chefs and other VIP's, Louisiana fishermen, and friends and supporters of the seafood community.

WHAT:   BONNE CREVETTE, that's GOOD SHRIMP, is a celebration of the opening of the 2007 shrimp season. Traditionally, brown shrimp season runs in the spring and summer and the white shrimp season picks up in the fall and winter.

WHERE:  OMNI BANK at 301 Chartres Street in New Orleans

WHEN:   Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - Beginning at 10 a.m. (*NEW START TIME)

FESTIVITIES:OMNI BANK is loading an armored truck with the first catch of the season!  Horse drawn carriages, second-liners, and other revelers will parade with the armored truck to its first recipient, the internationally famous and ever-gracious Chef Paul Prudhomme at K-Paul's.

Truck guards will load up gold-wrapped bars of Bonne Crevette.  From there, the entourage will deliver Bonne Crevette to a variety of the Quarter's top chefs.  As always, these chefs will be serving quality wild Louisiana shrimp this summer.

BACKGROUND ON BONNE CREVETTE: Louisiana coastal communities have anticipated the opening of shrimp season for generations. Celebrations, Blessings of the Fleet, community masses, shrimp boils, music, and much more have marked this all-important day.

Today, we take the commemoration to the next level.  Celebrity chefs are doing their part to raise awareness that BONNE CREVETTE season is here!  They want to encourage shrimp lovers to DEMAND LOUISIANA SHRIMP.

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