Revised Agenda for LWFC July Meeting

Release Date: 06/26/2012

The next regular Commission Meeting will be held at 9:30 AM on Monday, July 2, 2012, in the Louisiana Room at the Wildlife and Fisheries Building, 2000 Quail Drive, Baton Rouge, LA.

The following items will be discussed:

1.  Roll Call

2.  Approval of Minutes of June 7, 2012

3.  Commission Special Announcements/Personal Privilege

4.  To hear Enforcement & Aviation Reports/June

5.  To hear Summary of the 2012 Regular Legislative Session

6.  To receive and consider Notice of Intent for Internet Purchase of Commercial Licenses and Permits per Act 61, 2012 Regular Legislative Session

7.  To receive and consider Notices of Intent for the 2013 Spring Wild Turkey Seasons

8.  Declaration of Emergency for Early Season Migratory Bird Hunting regulations, and proposed season dates for the 2012

9.   To hear Evaluation of 3 Proposals for Waterfowl Breeding Grounds Funding

10.  To hear Presentation on Whooping Crane Public Education Campaign

11.  To receive and consider a Notice of Intent to revise the rules for Calcasieu Lake Oyster Harvester Permit

12.  To receive and consider a Declaration of Emergency for the Closure of the   Recreational Season for Gray Triggerfish

13.  To receive and consider a Notice of Intent to Modify the Offshore Landing Permit Rules to Include Reef Fish Species

14.  To receive and consider a Notice of Intent to Modify the Reef Fish Rules to Require Reporting of Recreationally Harvested Species – Red Snapper, Greater Amberjack, Shallow-Water Groupers

15.  To receive and consider a Notice of Intent to Establish Rules for Charter Boat Fishing Guides and Operations – Liability Insurance Requirements per Act 844, 2012 Regular Legislative Session

16.  Set November 2012 Meeting Date

17.  Receive Public Comments

18.  Adjournment