LDWF Releases Report on the 14” Minimum Length Limit for Largemouth Bass in the Atchafalaya Basin

Release Date: 10/08/2012

(Oct. 8, 2012)– The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries today released a comprehensive report analyzing the 14” minimum length limit for largemouth bass in the Atchafalaya Basin and surrounding waters. 

The report examines the effectiveness of the regulation as a management tool.  Findings show the Atchafalaya Basin largemouth bass population does not exhibit necessary criteria for which a 14” minimum length limit would produce larger bass.  The study indicates that the basin bass population is more heavily influenced by environmental factors than anglers.

“The Atchafalaya Basin bass population will continue to produce the same number of nice size bass, with or without the 14” length limit,” explained LDWF Director of Inland Fisheries Mike Wood. 

Wood further explains the history behind the regulation as well as provides a detailed description of the study and results in his letter to basin anglers found on the LDWF website at http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/fishing/ldwf-releases-report-14-minimum-length-limit-largemouth-bass-atchafalaya-basin.   The link can also be used to access the full technical report.

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