Private Oyster Lease Rehabilitation

  • Project summary: This program provides reimbursement assistance to participating oyster leaseholders who perform documented oyster rehabilitation activities on their oyster leases.
  • Pre-application Period: Program notification was mailed to all oyster leaseholders, and leaseholders were provided with a pre-application period beginning December 29, 2006 and ending March 02, 2007.
  • Participants: Of the approximately 1,200 existing oyster leaseholders, 741 pre-applied to participate in the program.
    Oyster leaseholders who pre-applied to participate in the program received a packet of information in the mail early May 2007. The packet included a draft copy of the POLR Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (contract) along with other information about program requirements.
    Participating leaseholders attended one of multiple signup meetings held throughout the coast of Louisiana to sign their POLR contract (or they arranged to sign the contract at Baton Rouge headquarters on an individual basis). Of the 741 who pre-applied, approximately 580 signed and executed contracts with LDWF.
  • Program funding level: Approximately $12 million
  • Program duration: May 25, 2007 to June 30, 2009. * An amendment to extend the deadline to December 31, 2009 was offered to all accounts that had unreimbursed funds as of May 2009. The amendment had to be signed by an appropriate representative and returned to LDWF by June 30, 2009 in order to officially extend the deadline.
  • Reimbursement Rate and Limit: A maximum reimbursement limit for each leaseholder account was tabulated using reimbursement rates. Reimbursement rates were based on biological assessments of oyster resources on public grounds immediately after the hurricanes of 2005. It was determined that greater impact to oyster resources occurred in the area encompassing Lafourche parish and east (Impact Zone A) than in the area encompassing Terrebonne parish and west (Impact Zone B). Using that determination as a foundation, and incorporating the leased acreage held in each impact zone per participating leaseholder, reimbursements rates were set as follows:
    • Impact Zone A (Lafourche parish and east): $42.16 per acre of leases held by leaseholder
    • Impact Zone B (Terrebonne parish and west): $28.10 per acre of leases held by leaseholder
    • Example: John Doe owns lease number 12345, which contains 100 acres and is located in Plaquemines Parish (east of Lafourche Parish). His maximum reimbursement limit is $4,216.00. 
      100 acres X $42.16/acre = $4,216.00
  • Reimbursement Cap: No one individual may receive more than $200,000 in total reimbursement assistance, regardless of the total oyster lease acres or number of oyster leaseholder accounts an individual owns. 

The first approved reimbursement payments were mailed in July 2007.

The table below shows the progress of the POLR Program (As of March 31, 2010):  


 POLR Activity

 Total Money Reimbursed

 Total Leases Rehabilitated

 Total Acres Rehabilitated

 Total Material Placed

Percentage of Total Reimbursement  

Sediment/Debris Removal






Cultch Deposition












Oyster Relaying




65,956 barrels1,2


Oyster Transplanting (Bedding)




805,817 barrels1,2


Replacement of Documents













1 Total based upon that which is reported by participating leaseholders on reimbursement documents
2 One barrel=two sacks

For more information, contact POLR Program at 225-765-2940; 225-765-2411; 225-765-2382 or 225-765-2387