Visiting Researchers

General Quarters Dormitory

As you may be aware Hurricane Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Ike in 2008 destroyed much of Cameron Parish. Since then we have made temporary repairs to some of our facilities including the General Quarters Dormitory. All reservations should be made in advance and consideration should be taken that construction on the dormitory is expected at any time and reservations could be compromised.

Further arrangements and questions should be made through Kristie Richard at (337)491-2593 or

Dormitory Rules/Regulations/Ammenities:

* 23 bed facility

* $10 payment per night per person for lodging; charges applicable to persons 18 years of age or older; payment to be made by check or cash. Payment is required before departure from the Refuge.

* Groceries are not supplied; however kitchen utensils, towels, and bed linen are furnished. Our location does not provide easy access to large outlet stores; be prepared and bring sufficient amount of groceries; we have several convenience stores; closest restuarant is approximately 25 miles, closest Wal-Mart approximately 1 hour away.

*You are responsible for any damages and should such occur, shall reimburse the Department for the cost of repair.


*Due to a recent change in law, any person age 16-59 visiting a Refuge or Management Area must have in his/her possession a valid Louisiana hunting license or Louisiana fishing license unless this is a function sponsored or hosted by LDWF.

*Upon departure, please strip beds and leave soiled linens in laundry room.