Threatened and Endangered (T&E) Species Outreach with Carrie

Hello to all my friends involved in conservation,
My name is Carrie Salyers and I am a biologist with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. In addition to my biologist title, I wear the hat of endangered species education and outreach coordinator for the department. It’s a new position with limitless possibilities, which is very exciting! So please know there is someone out there spreading the word for our imperiled Louisiana species.
I hope to use my blog entries as a way to let you know  my whereabouts while at the same time informing you of events that you may not be aware of, providing interesting T&E facts, and giving you the opportunity to let me know of other events going on across the state. Hopefully together we can make a difference for our T&E species, because remember endangered means there is still time!
Upcoming events for this week:
LSTA Conference - I will be hosting a whooping crane workshop on Thursday, Oct. 31 at Bluebonnet Swamp. On Friday, Nov. 1, I will be exhibiting a Louisiana threatened and endangered species table at the conference.
So until next time, have a great week, Happy Halloween, and hope to see you out and about!