Threatened and Endangered (T&E) Species Outreach with Carrie


Hello to all my friends involved in conservation,
Hope everyone is doing well! Last week was an exciting week…action packed really. I celebrated a wedding anniversary and my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween. Also on the 31st was the 2nd whooping crane workshop LDWF has hosted this year. The workshop was in conjunction with the Louisiana Science Teachers Association (LSTA) Conference which was held in Baton Rouge. Our workshop took place at Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center and was attended by LSTA participants and Bluebonnet staff for a total of 14 participants.  The workshop ended before all of the rain came through the area and a good time was had by the group. I enjoyed meeting everyone and really enjoyed my Halloween side-kick, Starsky the starling! Thanks again to Bluebonnet and their staff for providing such an enjoyable workshop environment!
So until next time, have a great week, hope to see you out and about, and remember endangered means there is still time!