Bayou Macon

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
6,919 Acres

Bayou Macon Wildlife Management Area is located in East Carroll Parish approximately 3.5 miles east of Oak Grove and 7.5 miles northwest of Lake Providence. Louisiana Highway 2 transects the northern portion of the area. Interior vehicle access is restricted to all-terrain vehicle trails.
Bayou Macon is 6,919 acres in size and was purchased by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in 1991. Topography is flat with relatively poor drainage. Two intermittent streams, Brushy and Buck Bayous, are located on the area. Almost 1,150 acres of reclaimed agricultural fields have been reforested.
Overstory timber species present on this bottomland hardwood area include Nuttall oak, overcup oak, bitter pecan, hackberry, red maple, honey locust, rock elm, sweetgum, willow oak, and green ash. Common undestory vegetation includes deciduous holly, swamp dogwood, trumpet creeper, rattan, Japanese honeysuckle, swamp privet, pawpaw, dewberry, peppervine, hawthorn, greenbrier, and persimmon.
Hunting is available for deer, squirrel, rabbit, woodcock, dove, and waterfowl. A lottery hunt for wild turkey is held each year. Trapping is permitted for raccoon, opossum, beaver, and other native furbearers.
There is one primitive camping area on Bayou Macon WMA at the present time.
Additional information may be obtained from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, 368 CenturyTel Drive, Monroe, Louisiana 71203.